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Bill Monroe Commemorative Postage Stamp

Would you like to see Bill Monroe, the Father Of Bluegrass Music, honored by a commemorative United States Postage Stamp? If you would, the time to act is NOW, and all you have to do is to write and mail a letter.

Each year, the United States Postal Service considers the issuance of aapproximately 25 commemorative postage stamps. Under It's guidelines, which you can read at:

the honoree must have been dead for at least 10 years, which in Bill Monroe's case will be September 9, 2006. The 95th anniversary of his birth, September 13, 2006, which is only 4 days later, would be a logical date for the issuance of the stamp. The guidelines further recommend that the process be started 3 years before the issuance year, which is 2003.

The first step is for a citizens' committee to select, and narrow down to approximately 25, the worthy nominees for each year. This they do by considering letters, cards, petitions, etc., sent to them by the public at large. After that, the committee considers art work and other details for the stamp. Because Bill Monroe's music is appreciated World-Wide, nominations from outside the USA would be very appropriate. If you would like to participate in this effort on behalf of a great American musical genius, write your letter to:

                             Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
                             c/o Stamp Development, US Postal Service
                             475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Room 5670
                             Washington, DC 20260-2437

Don't delay - if we all pitch in and do our part by writing a letter, and telling our friends, Bill Monroe can receive this well-deserved recognition from the country that he loved.

Created: 02/10/2003 Updated: 02/10/2003