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Another of the Subs on KCLC, Vic Canter has been around radio broadcasting for about 15 years, and says he has always been around BG Music. Vic helps out Gary on the Tues. night show. - - - He plays Guitar and the Doghouse Bass. - - - His favorite music, is of course, Bluegrass, with a little Bluegrass Gospel and Southern Gospel thrown in. - - - Vic says he doesn't necessarily have a favorite artist or group, he likes a lot of them. - - - As far as D'Jing is concerned, Vic says, He just likes to play good music for some great people. Vic would also like the world to know, "Gary Price is my hero."

You can contact Vic at:

Lindenwood University
c/o KCLC Radio Station
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, Mo. 63301
(314) 949-4890


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